Anna & Roger Tomlinson

Founders (T.S.S.A & W.E.T.T.)

Chantico was founded in 2006 after Anna & Roger decided to move to the Collingwood area to retire. Little did they know the adventure they were about to embark on. They have created an unmatched work environment, and used their 30+ years of expertise to leave a lasting impression on the community

Rory Tomlinson

Owner (W.E.T.T)

The Second Generation owner and operator of Chantico, Rory wishes to honour his parents vision, and take it to a level they had worked hard towards. He is dedicated to improving every aspect of our business to better service our new and existing clients. 

Paulina Hoyos

Sales - Craigleith

With three years of experience in the Hearth Industry, Paulina has committed herself to servicing our customers and finding their perfect fireplace based on their needs. 

Merna Norris

Administration & Accounting

An early member of the Chantico Family, Merna has been a constant throughout our growth over the years. Her dedication, and morale is contagious. 

Connie Rogers

Service & Installation Coordinator

Since Connie has joined our team, she has been an unparalleled force. She is committed to completing our projects in a timely and professional manner - Sometimes we think she's magic. 

Stan Piotrowski

Lead Service Technician (T.S.S.A)

Extremely knowledgeable and a hard worker, Stan brings decades of experience as a gas certified technician. His number one priority is getting the job done to our customers satisfaction.

Mack Kant

Lead Technician (T.S.S.A. & W.E.T.T.)

Mack is a one-of-a-kind addition to the Chantico Team. He has proven his leadership time and time again, and has become a vital member, since his introduction over 5 years ago. 

Jamie Kent

Lead Technician (T.S.S.A. & W.E.T.T.)

With decades of expertise under his belt, Jamie's work is incomparable. His attention to detail and regard for code makes him a valued team member

Jarin Kant


Jarin has blended right into the Chantico team. He is kind to everyone he encounters, and works hard to hone his skillset and be a better installer every day.